Abortion Is Health Care Crop Top - Navy

Abortion Is Health Care Crop Top - Navy

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• Embroidered lettering
• 100% cotton
• Loose fit
• Size guide below

Proceeds from this shirt will go to the organizations, listed below, in hostile states with lawmakers who will likely ban abortion. You can donate to them directly by clicking on the links.

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund
Mississippi has one abortion clinic, and 91 percent live in counties with no provider. The state has a pre-Roe ban, a post-Roe trigger ban, and a six-week abortion ban that’s currently blocked from taking effect.

Jane’s Due Process
Texas is ground zero in the fight for abortion rights and it's likely to completely ban it. Texas has a trigger ban, intended to prohibit abortion, and a six-week ban with a private right of action, which allows private individuals to sue abortion providers or people trying to help a person gain access to an abortion.

Missouri Abortion Fund
Missouri has one abortion provider, and 78 percent live in counties with no abortion clinic. Missouri has a trigger ban intended to prohibit all abortion.

Women Have Options
In 2019, Ohio enacted a six-week ban on abortion that’s currently blocked from taking effect. In 2020, the House legislature introduced a bill that would sue anyone who “knowingly engages in conduct that aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion” for a minimum of $10,000.

Roe Fund
Oklahoma currently has a six-week abortion ban and has two pre-Roe abortion bans on the books.

Women’s Medical Fund
Abortion access is extremely restricted. The state does not have a trigger ban but abortion would be without legal protection if Roe were overturned, leaving patients and providers vulnerable to criminalization.


Size guide

XS (inches) 18 ½ 19
S (inches) 19 ¼ 20
M (inches) 20 21
L (inches) 20 ¾ 22 ½
XL (inches) 21 ½ 24 ¼
2XL (inches) 22 ¼ 25 ⅛